“Mike was the perfect artistic partner when we were working together at Young Company. As the ACD on a lot of my accounts, he always brought a fresh and unique perspective to any assignment. He was often more than just a creative, Mike has a good understanding of advertising processes and business goals. Always result oriented, Mike was constantly looking for the right creative message that will resonate with that target audience. He’s a fantastic guy with a great attitude. I seriously hope I get to work with him in the future!”

Wilbert Cheng
Project Manager at FCB Global

“Mike is stubborn, funny, likable and immensely talented. He is an excellent designer and an even better idea man. He thinks 360 about the campaigns he creates. From getting attention to getting results he always thinks it through and has a point of view. It is rare to work with such an extremely talented creative person who is also a pleasure to work with.”

Bart Young
Owner of Young Company

“Mike is an amazingly nice guy and a talented graphic designer. He and I were paired together to work on the Ameriquest Mortgage Account. We worked on a whole Rolling Stones tie-in campaign that included 2 National TV spots directed by Sam Bayer.

Mike made my job easy. His easy-going nature made tight deadlines or last-minute changes a painless experience. He was a super creative partner and remains a good friend. I hope we’ll work again together in the future.”

Rick Galiher