AMB - Mortgage Software


Make a campaign for a company in the mortgage accounting arena. AND make it memorable.


Detailed. What else in this world is detail as much as mortgage paper. Well that where it got fun.


About 200 people more to their very own event. 500% more then the year before.


G1 Wood Bats

Build a company to go up against the biggest manufactures in the wood bat industry. Using social media, SEO, and digital marketing to grow the company. G1 supply bats to the top players in high school, D1, and D2 colleges.

Website, Instagram, and Twitter

Post card handouts for potential clients

Complete wood bat brochure


Digital remarketing ads

Samsung Digital Presenters

Superhero is a brilliant example of strategic thinking meets brilliantly integrated execution. Samsung sells document camera’s to the K-12 marketing in the U.S. Every classroom needs one. But reaching the younger grades, where the volume potential is higher, had been a challenge. SUPERHERO is a K-12 video competition that leverages social media and microsites to create a national competition that’s gained the attention of teachers, students, parents and administrators.

Here are the ads we put together to show students and teacher how to dress when shooting the video.

This video was made by us to teach students what we were looking for and what the competition was all about.

Here is a video from one the of students for the competition.

Olsen Home - Lotus Walk

Lotus Walk is an urban lifestyle town home complex in Garden Grove. Olsen Homes, the developer, builds metro style properties near railway and public transportation hubs. This provides a wonderful convenience to those who enjoy the modern urban lifestyle. The design of this campaign uses a distinctive pink and green based on the Lotus flower. The Zen quality of the ads was designed to appeal to the young, upwardly mobile population who appreciate high style and convenience.

Weg Motors


Transform the image of a $2 billion Brazilian motor manufacturer from “garage shop” to world class innovator with proprietary technology.


Develop a global brand campaign and style guide for use in advertising, public relations, trade shows and direct mail campaigns. Educate engineers in specific industries about WEG’s Optimalflux™ technology and the benefits of cooler running motors.


The combination aggressive PR, ads, shows and direct mail enabled WEG’s U.S. division to outpace the sales growth of its global counterparts by nearly 50%.



Telelogic provides SOA (Services Oriented Architecture) software
which is used by software developers throughout the world. There was a severe gap between the promise of SOA and its success rate. Bridging the gap via collaboration is the brand promise that Telelogic wanted to bring to life.


“One Stage. One Vision.” with a rock star visual is a campaign theme that viscerally expresses the collaboration of Telelogic’s SOA initiative. The theme went through a cultural check in Europe and Asia with flying colors, while other SOA ad concepts had failed.


The campaign theme was successfully implemented internally for user group meetings and externally via trade shows and advertising on multiple continents in several languages. Update: Telelogic was bought by IBM for $845 million.

Commerce Energy


Commerce Energy retails energy in de-regulated states. Texas is a huge market for electricity. Commerce Energy suffered from low brand awareness, brand credibility and lack of sales growth.


Targeting markets using Claritas PRIZM, the data said to target 55+ and younger families with 3 or more kids. We produced direct mail and billboards to advertise to our communities.


Our post analysis on this campaign shows that the Commerce Energy brand has quadrupled in awareness as a result of the advertising. Sales continue to grow. Update: Commerce Energy was bought by Ambit Energy, LP for 14.8 million